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Vitalii Meleshko

Vitalii Meleshko

Senior Software Engineer at AutoDS - Automatic Dropshipping Tools


I have been working as a Python Developer for more than 2 years. I have more than 9 years of experience in programming. I have been working with Delphi, Fortran, C++ and Python. As for the tools I use SQL, MySQL, GIT, Grafana, Kibana, PyCharm, Virtualenv. In my work, I use both Unix/Linux (Red Hat, CentOs, Ubuntu) and Windows.

Several projects to outline my skills:

+ billing system for billiards club: time measure with different prices, booking tables, discount system, turn on/off light above billiards tables, reports (Delphi7, SQL2005, HTML, com-port);

+ monitoring system which gathers some information (e.g. IP, ComputerName, UserName, DateTime, ScreenShot, PrinterSpoolerTasks etc.) from computers in network and stores it in database for future analysis and reports. This system consists of two parts such as Client (which should be manually installed on PC) and Server (which manages Clients part, does reports, has GUI and other useful features). The following technologies have been used - Delphi7, Windows XP, SQL2005;

+ small word-processor application in order to gather some statistics from WinEDT/LATEX-project (*.tex). This app has the following features: specific sorting, options of making bibliography etc. (Delphi10);

+ application for Active Directory management (VBA, Python).

Job expectations:
+ the opportunity to develop my skills;
+ the possibilities to grow and get involved in interesting and challenging projects;

Skype: whitealley


  • Engineer-Programmer (IAPMM)
  • Abiliton Intermediate Software Engineer (SoftServe)
  • System Administrator (Snack Production)
  • Python Developer (LvivSoft)
  • Lead Software Developer (LvivSoft)
  • Senior Software Engineer (AutoDS - Automatic Dropshipping Tools)


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