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Vitaliy Shopov

Vitaliy Shopov


Russian Federation

I have been engaged in programming and accompanying technologies since 1991 and started working as a professional developer in 2003.

Programming, databases:
- Strong knowledge and understanding of the procedural, functional, and object-oriented approaches in programming, with the application of corresponding patterns of designing with the selection of the optimum approach to the decisions made on tasks.

- Programming languages: Ruby, Python, Java, Scala
- Web: HTML, CSS, JavaScript (Jquery), CoffeeScript
- Frameworks: Ruby On Rails, Django, Play Framework, Backbone, AngularJS
- Understanding and use of the theory of relational databases in the designing of the DB serving for storage and data processing, reflecting the real requirements of the customer.
- Serious experience: MySQL, PostgreSQL.
- Experience with MongoDB, NuoDB, Redis, Hadoop, Map/Reduce approach.
- Ability to quickly master unfamiliar environments of programming, technological and methodological approaches with effective decisions made on their basis.
- Understanding of an infrastructure of client-server appendices in heterogeneous and homogeneous networks and sources of the data.
- Ability to develop uniform standards and approaches, with their subsequent introduction in the developing process by the creation of corresponding instructions.
- Understanding of differences and features of design, coding, testing, deployments, and application support stages.
- Experience with the Agile methodology.
- Analytical mentality and ability to take previous experience and theoretical knowledge into account in the course of decision making.
- Experienced Linux user. Mac OS X is used as the normal working environment.
- System administration for deploying web applications (debian-based distributives).
- Experience with Amazon Web Services stack and Google Cloud Stack.


  • Backend Developer (OneTwoTrip)
  • Senior Ruby Developer (Digital Click)
  • Lead Developer (
  • Backend Developer (SocialQuantum)
  • Ruby On Rails contractor developer (Freelance)


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