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Vlad Khazin

Vlad Khazin

Cloud Solution Architect, Software and DevOps Engineer: Aws, Azure, and GCP. Technical author, editor and instructor.


Dear recruiters! In the interest of time, please do not contact with hourly rate below 3 digits.
And I am not interested in full-time positions.

What I can help you with:
* to design and build scalable software solutions using micro-services, containers and serverless
* to modernize legacy applications using isolate, re-platform and migrate approach
* to analyze alternatives and build proof-of-concept to greatly reduce TCO and to increase the speed of delivery
* to automate the cycles from developer to production, delivering performant, highly-available, scalable, self-reliant and observable solutions
* to educate your personnel about cloud-native, polyglot programming and persistence; defensive development and scalable infrastructure practices

What I am not likely to help you with:
* to support and enhance legacy applications using the tried-and-true technology stack
* to fulfill a full-time position as I am training and creating course materials on the side
* to represent knowledge, experience and look good at the meetings with no concrete deliverables
* to produce architectural drawings and process documentation while delivering no running code
* to resolve challenges with organization silos and not-invented-here syndrome


  • Azure Architect, DevOps and Developer (ObjectSharp)
  • Part-time: GCP Instructor (Coursedot)
  • AWS Engineer (Pall Corporation)
  • Part-time: Instructor and Technical Editor (Learning Tree International)
  • Part-time Author and Instructor (


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