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Vladimir Piven

Vladimir Piven

Go lucrative conversion otherwise flared gas to methanol/DME, clean power/heat by modified diesel & gas turbine engines!

Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Dr. Vladimir Piven is the incumbent President and CTO at GASCO, California. Former Sr. Manager (technology) and Professor (chem eng) at University Technology Petronas he sat on Petronas’ Board of Petchem Catalysis and Innovation. He consults SMEs, directors and academia on techno-economical solutions for monetization of stranded/marginal oil&gas reserves focusing on small but numerous oil deposits, flared associated gas, industrial catalyst and carbon footprint reduction. He serves as a research and technical lead/adviser for low footprint GTM (gas-to-methanol) projects. He pursues R&TD and transfer to AP novel small scale GTL technologies based on well-established heat machines (diesel and gas turbine engines). He is modifying them to operate in Trigeneration mode to produce clean power + cheap heat + methanol and its value-added derivatives.
Dr. Piven expertise stems from the Combustion & Explosive Division at Rus. Acad. Sci., Moscow. He fulfilled there a series of basic studies on kinetics and thermodynamics of gas reactions occurring during combustion of energy loaded hydrocarbon propellants doped with fine metal particles. This is now industrial standard adopted both by ROSCOSMOS and NASA. He conferred distinction of RAS for exploration of intramolecular catalytic cracking of hydrocarbons in metalorganics by ultrasensitive methods of high pressure mass spectrometry. Later, as the head of physicochemical lab at Moscow Tyre Research Institute Dr. Piven contributed to a mission of Russian unmanned space shuttle BURAN by developing rubber compounds for heavy duty tyres. Dr. Piven sat on a Board of Moscow Seminar on Organic Analysis until relocation to Malaysia. He held professorship at top Malaysian universities to lead R&D projects on technological, biomedical and environmental problems of oil&gas industry and teaching various physicochemical disciplines for local and intenational learners in chemical engineering and biomedicine.


  • Visiting Professor (University Science Malaysia)
  • Associate Partner (ZAO REOTEK)
  • Professor and Sr. Manager (technology) (University Technology Petronas)
  • Director, R&D (Process Engineering, Ecology) (Msf New Energy Services (M) Sdn.Bhd.)


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